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Frequently asked questions

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

SDR-On-Demand, how much will it cost?

$3,900/month for English SDR
*Min agreement is 6 months of service

Lead Generation DATA, how does it work?

Our team of data experts work closely with our clients to understand their ideal customer profile. Once complete, a sample list is built to ensure alignment. Once approved, the company and contact data is built and delivered in a final list for a seamless import into your CRM. 
Leads cost between $0.80/lead -> $1.25/lead 

Can we have a trial period to test the effectiveness before committing?

We understand your need for confidence in our services. While we don't typically offer trial periods, we do offer a pilot phase that allows you to experience our approach firsthand without a long-term commitment. This way, you can assess our impact and decide if it aligns with your goals.

How can you guarantee quality?

Quality is a top priority for us. Our rigorous 5-step recruiting process ensures that only the most qualified and culturally aligned SDRs are placed with our clients. Additionally, our external Sales Development Manager actively works with you to monitor and improve performance through regular call reviews, simulations, and challenges. We're committed to delivering results you can rely on.

Will this disrupt our current team dynamics?

Our approach is built on collaboration, not disruption. Our SDRs are trained to integrate seamlessly into your team, aligning with your culture and processes. Think of us as an extension of your current team, boosting your lead generation efforts without causing any disturbance.

How do you handle scaling up?

We have an endless pipeline of qualified SDRs. We can adjust the size of our SDR team on short notice. Our adaptable model ensures that you have the right resources when you need them.